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We invite you to spend a vacation in a picturesque corner
of the Crimea in Cape Fiolent.

The cape Fiolent is one of the most beautiful capes of Sevastopol. Wild, pristin rocky coast of cape Fiolent is located in 15 kilometers from the center of Sevastopol towards Yalta and in 10 km north-western from Balaklava, between the Georgievsky monastery, Diana's beam and Lermontov's cape.
The most ancient name of Fiolent (variant of the toponym) - Partenium (maiden, virgin), is connected with the ancient Greek myth of Iphigenia, which supposedly was a priestess in the temple, located on this site. And translating from Turkish Phiolent (Felenk - Burun) - Tiger Point, as on the precipice Fiolent have alternating bands of dark yellowish limestone and trachyte resembling tiger skin coloring.
Jasper Beach on Cape Fiolent - clear water jasper beach, quiet and peaceful, flowering almond and new experiences. Rocky shore Fiolent a pile of gray stones alternating with small pebble beaches. The white sandy bottom with scattered thereon reefs covered with algae in calm weather is a fantastic spectacle.

Uniqueness of a natural complex Cape Fiolent is obvious. Curative air, a magic bewitching distance of Black sea and freakish rocks leave indelible impression at everyone who has visited here though once. If you were tired of a civilization if you are involved with fantastic landscapes, silence if your soul asks romanticists, dialogue with the primitive nature - the rest on Fiolent is for you. You will spend unforgettable days among picturesque rocks on lonely pebble beaches with crystal-clear water. Only the pure air, only the clear sun, only emerald Black sea: it is necessary to see to fall in love once and for all. Fiolent — cape in a southwest part of the Crimean peninsula, in Balaklavsky area of Sevastopol.
Fiolent it is combined by breeds of a volcanic origin, the rests of action of the ancient volcano operating here 150 million years ago. On either side of the cape in the coastal cliff visible lava flows and tuff beds. Ancient volcano is much destroyed by sea, on top of its cover the limestone, but there are inclusions of minerals (jasper, carnelian, chalcedony and other) through which derives its name.

The name of Fiolent (Felent, Feolent) appears for the first time on Russian cards in 1807. There are some versions of an origin of the modern name. According to the first of them "Fiolent" is Greek expression «God's country».
According to another, the name dates back to the rule of the Genoese, and comes from the Italian word violente - «berserk" (near the Cape of frequent sea waves). Another etymology takes its name from the Turkish words felenk (ramp for launching vessels on the water). Russian historian, the Crimean ethnographer Alexander Berthier-Delagard believed that the name can be translated from Turkish as "Tiger's Cape", as the bank on the cliff alternating bands of dark yellowish limestone and trachyte, which resembles tiger skin.
The most unique place of Fiolent - St. George Monastery. Previously, the base of the monastery there was a pagan temple. St George's Monastery is located on the edge of a cliff. Here lives a few monks who are engaged in the restoration of the destroyed shrine. And in a small cave temple of the Holy. St. George holds regular worship.
Fiolent also called Cape St. George, since according to legend the saint appeared to the Greek mariners in distress on a cliff near Cape St. Phenomena, and the surviving sailors in 891 was founded on the cliffs east of Cape St. George Monastery. He is obliged to point one more to its name - monasteries-breaker (with the Crimean Tatar manast?r - Convent, burun - Cape).
From the monastery to Jasper beach there ia a staircase with 788 steps, built by the monks back in 1891.
The Jasper beach - the most known beach, is near to the Georgievsky monastery. Descent to a beach ~ 800 steps. In the left part of a beach behind a stone - a site for nuddists (they are naturists). Type - pebble.
Tsar's Beach is located on other part of cape Fiolent, near to Lermontov's cape around a housing estate "Tsarskoe Selo". Descent to a beach is easier than to the previous. Type - pebble, rocky.
The beach "Beacon" is located on the right side of cape Vinogradniy . A beach is "wild". Descent - on footpaths. Type - rocky.

We invite you to spend a vacation in a picturesque corner of the Crimea in Cape Fiolent.

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